Who We Are?

For over 160 years and counting, the Matoaca Baptist Church family has gathered together weekly to worship the Lord Jesus.  While the village of Matoaca is not known around the world, the impact of this church's giving toward missions around the world is significant.  For years, MBC was a leading giver to the Cooperative Program of the SBC.  Those monies are used to provide seminary training and fund missionary endeavors in North America and around the world.  MBC continues to give generously to the Cooperative Program, mission projects like Operation Christmas Child, and toward local mission opportunities. 

At Matoaca we love kids!  The church's love for children and their families led to the beginning of Matoaca Child Development Center.  This ministry is provided for the community in order to allow families the beautiful option to enroll their child in a daycare that provides a safe and loving  environment to learn and grow.  Hundreds of families have benefited from this ministry and we hope that many more will in the years ahead. 

Over recent years, we have been reminded that the world is changing very rapidly.  The Good News is that God never changes and that He promises to shepherd us through life in a way that honors Him!  Over the past few years the church has made several changes in order to meet the demands of ministry in an ever changing world while still honoring our never changing God.  These changes, while occurring even in the midst of a pandemic, are already bearing fruit in the life of the church and our community. 

What To Expect

MBC is made up of folks from many different backgrounds and at various stages of life.  You will likely encounter someone pretty quickly that you can connect with and begin developing a relationship with in our church family.  When you walk through the door your social status becomes unimportant. Some will be in jeans, others in khakis, dresses, and a few may even have a coat and tie on.  

Our small groups are age graded for children from nursery through grade school and there are several options available for adult small groups each Sunday. 

The worship gathering will take place in the Sanctuary that is facing River Road.  Due to safety precautions we have taken regarding COVID-19, you will see that we have placed ropes around certain pews in order to ensure spacing is adequate and that you can focus on worship in a safe environment. We believe that the old hymns of the faith are too rich to be totally set aside; yet we also know that God is blessing His church with many new songs as well.  Thus, you will likely enjoy a taste of both the old and the new.  Since we believe the Bible is the inerrant and unchanging Word of God our worship times will revolve around the preaching of God's Word. 

We want our worship times to be authentic and for everyone present to know that they have encountered God.  We, like the woman at the well, are reminded that “the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.  God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”  When we are humbly seeking and desiring to honor Him we believe He will bless us with His presence and we will be changed for the better!